VORTEX LOG - Pilot Logbook
Updates 30 Mar 2023

Dear Pilots,

We had again a major issue due to hacking.

Despite the very strong protection provide by the server we had to find a very difficult change in our files.

Today you can again recover your password and the site is working again correctly.

Many thanks for your patience.


Site is actually online again after few weeks of real issues.
Updates 4 Aug 2021

After many issues due to several reasons, the site is again online under test.

You can use it normally except for some function.

The actual issues with some functions are under control and we are working on it. Should be solved in a very short time.


Thanks for your patience and we appreciate of course your feedback.

Site is actually online again after few weeks of real issues.
Updates 4 Aug 2021

Several errors
Updates 30 Nov 2019

We have now corrected most of the errors you could have seen.

We appreciate your feedback and will immediately take action.

Many thanks


Your browser
Updates 27 Aug 2015

Due to many updates on our side, it can be possible that your have to delete your browser history.

Some old pages can be memorized by your browser and must be deleted.

You will then have the last version of the vortexlog.com with all corrected bugs

Thanks and...safe flight

Updates 26 Aug 2015

Have some more issues in correction actually

1.Submit button in the "import files" is missing and in correction progress.

2.Submit button in the initial setting exist but has no text. Is in correction progress.

3.Had 1 report of duplicate entries. Reason is error in Database transfert to new one. Is probably isolated but report if you have this problem. Can be corrected by us very easely.

Update today
News 21 Aug 2015

Dear Vortexlog users,

We have had 2 report of some logbook entries missing.

We have recovered the missing items is a very short time.

Be aware that we have now a very performant support and we really suggest you to send mail to support or send feedback for ANY problem you could have (also simple remaks). We will manage the error reports very fast.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the complexity of upgrading such a web-based platform and we apologize for any incovenience you could have experienced. The major upgrades are now done and we now start the correction of the small issues you all could report to us. This is our priority.

Thanks again using vortexlog.com




Lost password
Updates 3 Oct 2014

Dear All,


We have had 1 report of impossibility to recover your password.

If this happen, please send a mail to supportvortexlog.com and we will reset your password manually and send you a confirmation email.

In the meantime we are looking to solve the problem0

Thanks again using vortexlog.com

VortexLog 3 Beta
News 25 Mar 2010

To all pilots who have hung in there with VortexLog, thank you for your patience. I am releasing VortexLog 3 in a Beta testing version to you - really the only thing left to do is update the Video Tutorials (no big deal, right?). Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Text can now be added in fields.

  • Improved drag and drop interface.

  • Improved Ajax interface (less refreshing of the screen).

  • Logbook Backup and Print is now possible for "Entire Career."

  • Improved "Add New Flight" interface.

  • Always "Open Edit." I did away with the Open Edit function, and now, in order to edit a field, just DOUBLE CLICK it.

  • Be notified of recency of experience alerts days or even weeks in advance.

As I said before, the video tutorials are not yet ready, but you can check VortexLog's Wiki out at http://vortexlog.intodit.com for detailed instructions. As always, if you do not understand something or you run into any bugs, email me at isaac@vortexlog.com

Thank You!!!
News 21 Oct 2009

I want to take a moment to thank all of you, pilots from around the world, who use VortexLog. I hear it over and over, VortexLog is by far one of the best pilot logbook programs in the web today; thanks to you for all your support and ideas that keep making for a more user-friendly, full featured logbook. I have a lot of work to do, many suggestions to move forward on; position and hold because we're about to move to the next level.

Happy Flying! Isaac R.