We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here. The logbook interface is strangely familiar to all pilots; but you can add, remove, and edit most of its elements to fit your needs. Keeping in mind that personal minimums are usually higher than those provided by aviation agencies, VortexLog does not come pre loaded with any recency of experience standards. You create your own!
There are many great electronic pilot logbook apps out there that can do a lot of cool stuff. VortexLog keeps it simple and serious, so we try to stay away from a lot of online practices that a pilot doesn’t really need when it comes to a logbook. Simple doesn’t mean flimsy – you will quickly find how powerful many of the features can be during different aspects of your career.
VortexLog online pilot logbook continues delivering on reliability and ease of use by providing a means of storing your flight data online, an aesthetically pleasing interface, and many avenues of feedback. You as a pilot know that awareness is synonym with safety. Awareness of your flight experience is my #1 mission to you.
3 Oct 2014 Lost password
Dear All,

We have had 1 report of impossibility to recover your password.
If this happen, please send a mail to supportvortexlog.com and we will reset your password manually and send you a confirmation email.
In the meantime we are looking to solve the problem0
Thanks again using vor
25 Mar 2010 VortexLog 3 Beta

To all pilots who have hung in there with VortexLog, thank you for your patience. I am releasing VortexLog 3 in a Beta testing version to you - really the only thing left to do is update the Video Tutorials (no big deal, right?). Here are a few of the improvements:

Text can now be added in fields
Stay current and fly safer

I have been using it since I was a student pilot, dont' fly without it :)

- Melissa
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